Saturday, October 24, 2009

Infinite Flickr: The Movie

A couple years ago my husband (known as "Monkiineko" on Flickr) put together all the photos posted (at the time) to the Flickr group, Infinite Flickr, and set up animated transitions from one to the next to make a continuous video from the images entitled "Infinite Flickr: The Movie". It's pretty cool.

The music is "Tribute" by Eric Hamilton - check out his royalty free music at and click on the "Music Archive" link in his right hand navigation column.

If you wish to download a high quality version of this video, you can use the following link:
105 image version (H.264 codec, 640x480, 30fps) 167 seconds, 19.5 MB
(right click the link and use "Save Link As..." or "Download Linked File")


Jared said...

Very cool and creative idea. I just found the group today and thought this would be fun to do and you did it, very nicely i might add. Kudos!

Monkiineko said...

Thanks Jared! :)