Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wish You Were Dead - Todd Strasser

Todd Strasser's new book, Wish You Were Dead, is like a modern technology Christopher Pike novel. I loved Pike's books as a kid, and I think today's teens will enjoy this book just as much.

The book is told through three mediums. The first is a blog. The blogger has been tormented by the popular kids at school, especially Lucy Cunningham, for years. So when Lucy disappears the blogger is glad. Then we see through the kidnapper's eyes and learn what happens to those who vanish. The book is predominantly told through the point of view of Madison, a high school student whose popular classmates are disappearing one by one. She's friends with these people, though she's considered more of a goody two shoes in that she's polite and kind to those 'below' her in the school popularity chain. Though her cyber stocker still thinks she's a little too stuck up.

People paying close attention will figure out who the kidnapper is before the end, but the book is a lot of fun to read and shows some of the dangers of airing all your personal grievances on the internet. The characters are realistic high schoolers - in all varieties (the cool, the cruel, the picked on, the jocks, etc.). The story is quick to read and seeing the kidnapper's viewpoint keeps things tense and fast paced.

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Anonymous said...

ug, cant read stuff like that. dont like to be scared out of my wits. Thats why i like shows like law and order; the person is already dead and it is just the investigation and court time for the show. Gr. 8 horror unit left me disgusted. Teacher wouldnt let me leave for the stuff and do something else. We had to watch a movie called mrs. amsworthy. about a vampire. The theme music was 'what child is this' or greensleeves. Couldnt stand that song for years until the memory faded. Still remember the end of that movie. Scariest stuff i ever read was phyllis whitney's romantic thrillers. But that was late high school and beyond. And 'the lost boys by orson card. But i didnt know that was going to be scary until the end.