Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Windows Vs Wasps

Installers came by yesterday to replace our second floor windows. They had blankets they put on the stairs and floor. They had new windows, beautifully wrapped so they wouldn't get damaged. They had a vacuum cleaner. They had tools.

What they didn't have was bug spray to get rid of the wasp nest they discovered hanging on our soffits in the backyard under the ivy. They found this out by pulling the ivy down after removing the two side panels of the rear window. It was decided the condo should remove the nest. After some tense moments getting the side panels replaced in the frames the installers took their ladder away. Alas, the ladder was holding up the ivy they'd partially ripped down, and once removed, the ivy fell, bringing down half of the wasp nest.

The installers ran and avoided getting stung. They thought the wasps would dissipate over the next day or so and resolved to come back today. That's not going to happen because the wasps have decided to rebuild. Why? One, a large portion of the nest is still hanging, with wasp larvae intact. Two, the wasps have a very convenient food source in the area, my garden.

And here I'm conflicted. The installers can't put new windows in with the wasp nest there. The noise disturbs the insects and the installers shouldn't have to endure numerous wasp stings so I can have new windows. I want those windows installed. Our living room had to be completely dismantled so the back window could be accessed. I would like to put the room back together again.

On the other hand, my garden's growing amazingly well, and I bet I have those wasps to thank for it. I'm actually embarrassed it didn't occur to me there might be a nest nearby as I always see bees and wasps in my garden. I'd like a way for the windows to be put in and the nest stay put. The wasps haven't done me any harm and I can't believe the amount of little tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini I have coming.

Unfortunately, I know the wasps are going to lose this round. The condo will send someone to exterminate the nest and take it away. The windows will be replaced. And my garden won't be quite so grand in future.

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