Thursday, April 21, 2011

Creativ Festival Report

So, I went to the Creativ Festival in Mississauga on the weekend.  There were a decent number of booths with a variety of focuses - knitting, crocheting, stamping/cardmaking/scrapbooking, seweing maching embroidery and more.  The free classes weren't as good as I'd hoped, but I did have fun at the one make 'n take class I went to (where I made the 'laugh' card in the 'things I bought' photo).

One of the coolest things there was a booth demonstrating the Turkish art of Ebru.  For $7 you could try it and take your piece home.  Here's the one I did:

Ultimately I had a good two days, and came away with some new techniques.


Anonymous said...

cool pic you made! frame it and hang it on your wall.

Jessica Strider said...

Thanks! I'm thinking I will frame it. Saturday I'm heading to Michaels to get some more craft supplies and hope to get a frame the right size for it.

The woman who ran the ebru booth, Hacer Ozcan, does classes, so I'm considering taking one. It's a lot of fun and quite easy to do. Very relaxing as well.