Friday, June 24, 2011

Credit Valley Explorer Tour

I don't know how my husband finds these things, but for my birthday he took me on a Credit Valley Explorer train ride.  The train has grouped 4 person seating (so two of you go backwards each way) and has riders swap sides at the halfway point so everyone gets to see out both sides of the train.  It also includes a 'light' lunch and drink service.  The tour starts in Orangeville and goes south towards (but not reaching) Brampton.

After passing several golf courses, the train goes around forest and then farm land.  We saw a surprising number of animals, specifically horses and cows.

There's even a nice waterfall.  The train slows down a strategic spots to aide in the enjoyment of the view.  Much to my surprise, they also served desert!

It's a fun tour and a great way to spend an afternoon.  They run tours throughout the year, but I imagine the fall tours are packed.

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Karin said...

karin said:

sounds nice. We are taking a train ride too this week, up to moosonee and back to cochrane. Not as good probably as in the fall, but it should be fun.