Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Spain 3

Santiago de Compostella

It was another 20 km to reach the city from the last albergue, but the kilometers seemed to pass very quickly. The only moment of concern was when a giant insect flew at my face and in the process of swatting it away I knocked my glasses off. I spent several tense moments looking for them in the grass before finding them on the gravel path. Luckily unbroken but with bent frames. I had to carefully get the frames into wearable condition.

But I made Santiago and went to the cathedral the next day for the pilgrim's mass. I got my compostella (certificate of completion for your pilgrimage).

The cathedral was magnificent. The Glory portal (the medieval one that was covered over by the baroque monstrosity) had some great sculpture. Gotta love the medieval mind when it came to scenes of hell and torture. They had pretty creative imaginations.

I took a tour of the 'palace' next door and it turned out to include the roof of the cathedral, which is made out of granite. The view was nice and I picked some of the little flowers that grew between the cracks of the 'shingles'.

I stayed two days in the city, admiring the medieval quarter, a small handful of streets that curved and seemed to go everywhere and nowhere.

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