Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be Careful What You Blog - And Where

I have two blogs. One is professional (scififanletter) for all things SF/Fantasy related, and one is for personal thoughts and non-SF book reviews, etc. Today I wrote what I consider one of my non-professional posts designed for this blog. Unfortunately I forgot to check which blog I was on and posted it to the wrong one by mistake. I was able to delete the post and post it here, with corrections, as I'd intended. End of story, or so I thought.

I subscribe to Google Reader, which carefully tracks websites that have interesting articles and blog posts. When I checked my reader, after posting my erroneous message, I discovered that the reader kept it - even though the actual post had been erased. In fact, it's still there, on my reader, after I've tried other tricks to get rid of it. Which means other people, subscribed to my professional blog, have just been subjected to my rather more personal thoughts. Oops.

Now that's not to say the post was in any way embarrassing or unprofessional. It's just not a post I'd intended for that particular site.

Just goes to show that once something's on the internet it really is there to stay. Be careful what you type - and where you type it...

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