Friday, September 03, 2010

Kitty Moment

Our cat has this odd propensity for sitting on things. The floor will be perfectly open, lots of nice comfortable places to sit, and she'll find the one piece of paper that's fallen down and sit on that, making sure her body's only on the paper. While we were getting the windows replaced all our electronic equipment was moved aside. That resulted in a pile of wires on the floor. Even once things were put back together, some wires remained. Despite having swathes of open carpet to lie on, our cat heads straight for the wires. Bizarre.

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Anonymous said...

that's 1 reason we don't have a cat. i used to hate that when willie or peppi sat on my homework. annoying. willie also liked to sit in the middle of my bed, even tho gabi;s bed was right nearby and she wanted him on her own bed.