Thursday, September 09, 2010


I hate spiders. Always have. Seeing Arachnophobia as a kid didn't help. I can kill spiders. I lived alone long enough that I had no choice but to 'man up' and deal with them myself when they invaded my apartments (especially the basement I lived in for 1 1/2 years).

I find myself in a truce with a spider at the moment. It's big (about 1 inch across, including the legs). It's pretty scary looking. And it's living on my tomato plants.

It hides behind a leaf, waiting for something to fly or crawl onto it's rather large web. I removed a few other spiders from my garden, but for some reason I've left this one alone. Maybe because it's huge and all I can picture is it jumping on my face as I try to whip it away with a stick. Maybe I know that if I do remove it another spider's going to find that sweet spot in a day or so so I might as well stick with this one and be done with it. It has kept a lot of the bugs away, which is good so long as those bugs aren't the ones I need for pollinating my plants.

Maybe when the growing season's officially over I'll ask my husband to get rid of it for me...

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Anonymous said...

spiders are on my bug controlling team. I only kill them if they are in my way when i am cleaning a room. I used to just put them outside but at this house, i need them inside too. not really huge ones, tho. i'd put those outside. To do that just get a margarine container and a piece of paper. have the spider climb onto the paper and then put the margarine container over it. now take it outside and let it go. killing them is sooooo gros. but i have to admit i DO kill the slimey long bugs with antenas on their heads. well, last time i just flushed one. that wasn;t as gross as hearing the exo skeleton pop. - karin