Thursday, November 04, 2010

The End of the Garden

So I finally got around to digging over my garden. I put a lot of work into my garden over the year but only managed to harvest some lettuce, one zucchini and lots of tomatoes. So, I obviously put the tomatoes in a better location (last year I think I only got one or two).

I put compost all over after, hoping to improve the soil quality. I've added fertilizer and top soil already - digging it in in the spring so the plants have more of a chance to survive. Still, it's a lot of work and I'm starting to think that if my yields are as small next year I might give up and just go to the farmers market more often during the summer. It worked this year.

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Anonymous said...

problem is that you're not supposed to grow yr tomatoes in the same spot every year. altho, my garden was small enuf that moving tomatoes to another spot in the garden wasn't really that far away. i stopped gardening after i got pregnant with katrina. lost all the harvest that year because i was too sick to harvest or process it. i was too sick to even care! now here i'm not even sure i can garden, what with all the wild animals. maybe tho. they'll be attracted to my garden and leave my garbage alone! i did plant gooseberry bushes. they grow almost anywhere. i want to put in some raspberries too, but not sure where. -karin