Wednesday, October 27, 2010

National Geographic's Great Migrations

November 7th, the National Geographic channel starts airing their new program: Great Migrations. I had the opportunity to see the first episode this Monday after the Random House Kids Preview for booksellers. It is phenomenal. The photography is gorgeous. I also managed to win one of 4 prize packs they had (and I never win at these things). Inside the bag was the adult hardcover that goes along with the show, and 5 kids books - one generic about the show, 4 dealing with the migratory patterns of specific animals (with quizes, vocab and ways to help).

A bit about filming the show, from the kid's guide. The photographers spent:
350 hours perched in trees
400 hours underwater
150 hours in helicopters
250 hours filming at night
800 days shooting

I suspect the DVDs for this program - and the books - will find their way under many Christmas trees this December.

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