Friday, December 03, 2010

My New Serger Is Here

When I got up I didn't have much planned for the day. Then the doorbell rang and my new serger arrived! I'm impressed with how quickly UPS got it to Canada from the States, but not impressed by the fact that I wasn't made to sign for this expensive package. In fact, considering the delivery guy was driving away as I got to the door, I wonder what would have happened to it had I not been home to collect it right away. I'd have been righteously angry indeed had someone stolen my serger because the delivery company left it on my front porch.

I opened the box and found my extra thread, 8 serger feet, workbook and DVD on top. Underneath was the serger in it's factory box. I set it up and started reading the manual before realizing that once I got going on that all blogging would be ignored and I had an interview to post.

So now that my blogging obligations are done, it's back to the serger I go. :)


Anonymous said...

so, what have you sewn?

Jessica Strider said...

Nothing yet. I got it just before the Christmas work rush started. I figure I'll experiment with it starting in January. Then I plan to sew a few pairs of pants and some baby things for a relative.

Anonymous said...

that relative wouldn't happen to be your husband??? ;p

Jessica Strider said...

No, sorry, sister-in-law. It's her first child, so I want to make some quality baby gifts for her.