Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Sorry about the break. December's a busy month - especially since I had to work more around buying presents, etc.

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year is to... drum roll please... lose weight. Original, I know. But, I've already started working on it. Netgalley had a diet book on offer a month or so ago, and I've finally had time to start reading it. Unlike a lot of diet books that focus on big results, this one focuses on small, manageable results. Just 10 lbs, by Brad Lamm. I haven't had the chance to finish reading it, but I already like what I see.

Lamm's focus is to increase protein and vegetable consumption (reducing carbohydrates) while at the same time, getting you to increase your overall care of your body. The idea is that if you don't love your body - extra weight and all - you'll be more likely to fall off the diet and gain the weight back. It's also less a diet than a way of thinking (or not thinking) about food.

He starts by subdividing eating habits, you are how you eat. Do you eat out of habit whether you're hungry or not?, out of stress?, because you love the tastes and textures of food? If you don't know why you're eating more than you should, how can you stop?

And yes, exercise is mentioned.

In other words, it sounds like a plan that could work. I'm not too keen on the 'pray to a higher power to lose weight' component of his 10 step plan, but if I lose my 10 lbs I'll do it.

My problem now is wondering when to start. I need a week to get rid of the white potatoes and bread around the house. And sometime in January I'm planning a trip to the Caribbean, so that will affect things.

Ultimately, I suspect I'll start next week, and if the vacation interferes, I'll just restart when we get home. Regardless, I'll post progress markers, and at the end of my trial (which will be more than the subscribed month, after the vacation's added) I'll write up a review of the book/plan.

Other resolutions are to learn how to use all the functions of my new serger (including the special feet) and sew some clothes.

I also want to get my wedding album finished. It'll be two years soon... about time I'm done that project.


Anonymous said...

if running in the snow doesn't appeal to you, there's yoga for losing weight. thats what i'm going to try this year- not try, do... there is no try!
So good luck!!!just make sure you swim etc. in the carribean, so you get rid of the caleries,then there shouldn't be a problem... unless you have an 'all you can eat' cruise or hotel. then all bets are off!- karin

Jessica Strider said...

Right now I consider my half/hour trip to the grocery store exercise. I've been using an exercise bike and rowing machine intermittently too.

I'm a firm believer that everything in small quantities (aside from illegal drugs) are fine. The emphasis being on 'small' when talking candies, chocolate, etc.

But yes, I'm sure I'll get some exercise. A lot of resorts have yoga classes and whatnot. Maybe I'll try a few different classes and see what I enjoy.