Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kitchen Island Shelf

Last year we bought a kitchen island to give me more counter and storage space. But I'm the type of person who acquires a lot of clutter, so this island is constantly a mess. In order to help with that, I decided to put a shelf on it. At first I looked at mini shelf units, to see if any would fit without taking up too much room. No luck. Then we tried the hardware store and stumbled across an already cut metal shelf. We bought it for $3 and brought it home.

The original idea was to suspend the metal shelf from the metal bars already in the island, but then my husband came up with a much better plan. And here it is. My new island shelf. I plan on storing things like freezer bags and tin foil on it - the things otherwise in a cupboard 'far' away from my cooking area and always falling over as they're stacked on top of each other (and the one I need is always on the bottom).

I love having a handy husband. :)

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