Friday, August 13, 2010

Kitty Moment

One of our cats likes to meow outside my office door. She doesn't do it because she wants attention, because once I'm outside she ignores me, she just doesn't like me in my office. She was banned from there for jumping on my desk and being a pest, so now she sits outside the door. And meows.

I decided to let her in again to see if she'd be good and let me work. She likes sitting in boxes, so I moved an empty box I had next to my reading chair and brought it close to my work chair. She entered the room and went straight for my desk. I introduced her to the box, which she sat in for a moment or two, grooming herself and liking it immensely. Then she jumped out and settled elsewhere.

Meanwhile our other cat decided HE liked the box, and sat there for a while.

All that silence got me antsy, so I looked for the first cat. Guess where she was sitting? On the floor by my reading chair, where the box used to be! Crazy kitty.

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